Meimuna allows me to explore the new horizons I longed for and to deliver more experimental projects. This instrumental track, « Carnival of souls », which was conceived and realised as a soundtrack, was composed, recorded and mixed by Meimuna, and remastered by Nathan Ouellet from the Quantic Box Studio !

The images are taken from the eponym movie by Herk Harvey, but were completely reedited for the video. The movie « Carnival of Souls » is absolutely stunning and I recommend it to anyone, especially since you can find an integral version on Youtube



Meimuna is a song about cicadas and their real life cycle and takes its roots in Greek and Chinese mythology. Everything was played, recorded, mixed, filmed and realised by myself in a small corner of my room, except for the images of cicadas which were taken from a beautiful documentary named “>« The return of the Cicadas » by Samuel Orr. The song was remastered by Nathan Ouellet from the Quantic Box Studio !


Tu nais dans la terre, les ténèbres
Au matin, éclot, deviens Nymphe
Traverse la glaise et célèbre
La lumière, oui tu reviens de loin

Le temps coule tu t’épanouis
Et ne connaitra jamais la mort
Comme les dieux s’enivrent d’Ambroisie
Tu bois la rosée de l’Aurore


Éos qui t’aimait eu pitié
De cette vicieuse éternité
Qui t’interdisait de mourir
Mais ne t’empêchait pas de vieillir

Tu fus changé en cigale
Et pour toujours condamné
A chanter dans des cages en osier
Boîte à musique infernale