“Cyrielle Formaz travels with a guitar at her side, which she has caressed for almost 15 years, a few pencils and brushes as well as a big notebook to which she whispers her illustrated dreams and her song drafts. Today with her project Meimuna, she invites you into her universe, where the French language’s natural musicality seems to dance between her guitar strings and her authentic yet unusual voice seems to make melodies shine…” (D.F)

I like writing, composing, arranging and recording at home. I’m trying to create Meimuna’s musical and visual world with my own touch, because I think it helps delivering an authentic project which looks and sounds like me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get my inspiration from other artists, though, such as painters, writers, sculptors or musicians. All these domains can bring something into building a world, and their variety makes it more solid and coherent. Every artwork I come across, either natural or man-made, is a key driver to creativity. Musically speaking, I think it’s quite difficult to put MEIMUNA in a box. I get my inspiration mostly from american folk, indie rock and classic. In an attempt to honour that rich diversity, I’m trying to deliver all these influences in an intimate, sincere and passionate atmosphere.

The name of the project, « Meimuna », is inspired by a sort of cicada. This insect bears symbols that are really meaningful to me : metamorphosis, immortality, rebirth… A few texts in particular really moved me because of their poesy :

Quand les Muses naquirent et le chant avec elles, il y eut des hommes que leurs accents transportèrent de plaisir, à tel point que la passion de chanter leur fit oublier le boire et le manger, et ils passèrent de la vie à la mort sans même s’en apercevoir. De ces hommes naquirent les cigales ; et les Muses leur accordèrent le privilège de n’avoir besoin d’aucune nourriture ; mais dès le moment de leur naissance jusqu’à leur mort, elles chantent sans manger ni boire ; et après cela elles vont annoncer aux Muses quel est celui des mortels qui rend hommage à chacune d’elles.” (Platon)

 “La cigale est un des plus anciens symboles de la Chine. Ses métamorphoses successives en ont fait un symbole de résurrection. Il est dit dans un texte ancien que Lao Zi se transforma en immortel “laissant sa dépouille comme le ferait une cigale…”. Les cigales ont d’ailleurs la réputation de se nourrir de rosée, la boisson des immortels. Sous les Han, des amulettes de jade en forme de cigale étaient placées sur la langue des défunts.”

“Dans la mythologie grecque, la cigale symbolise l’immortalité, tout en excluant la jeunesse éternelle. En effet, selon la légende, Éos (la déesse de l’aurore) était amoureuse de Tithon. Aussi, ce mortel qui avait goûté l’ambroisie, ne pouvait plus mourir. Cependant, il continuait de vieillir. Alors, prise de pitié, Éos le transforma en cigale.”


Cyrielle Formaz is a Swiss artist from Valais, born in January 1995. She entered the Conservatory at the age of 7 to learn the guitar, which she will never leave aside, and the musical language for which she obtained a Certificate in 2013. With the time, she slowly switches from classic to other genres, and starts songwriting and singing.

with Macaô

In 2011, she co-founded the pop-folk project Macaô with Pascal Vigolo, in which she’s a guitarist, lead singer and songwriter. From time to time, she also plays the mandolin and the ukulele in the band. Macaô released an album in 2013 and an EP in 2016 and won a few springboards (Windstock, Unilive, Ferme-Asile, Paillotte, etc.). They finished second at the Mycoke Music Soundcheck contest.

with Meimuna

In 2016, Cyrielle started MEIMUNA, a project in which she is the singer and songwriter. She also likes to create the visual world of her projects so she realises the album covers, posters and music videos… In order to improve her writings, she took part in the Médaille d’Or workshop in the Jura (CH) in 2015 with professionals such as Jean Fauque (Alain Bashung’s songwriter) and in the famous « Rencontres d’Astaffort » (FR) in 2016 with Francis Cabrel. In 2017, the song Meimuna won the Prize for Best Demo in the pop category at the m4music’s Demotape Clinic contest.